Tourist and recreational potential of the steppe zones of the Azov Coast within the Krasnodar region (Russia)




Regional development, Natural recreational resources, Infrastructure


This study explores the tourism and recreational potential of Russia's Azov coast in the Krasnodar region. The research aims to comprehensively describe the area's natural recreational resources, identify limiting factors, and evaluate prospects for tourism and recreation. Multiple sources, including government reports, academic publications, and tourism industry reports, were reviewed to collect data on the region's history, environment, and socio-economic aspects. The Azov coast boasts sandy and shell beaches, spits, peninsulas, estuaries, mineral waters, and a favorable climate. These resources offer various recreational possibilities. Nevertheless, limiting factors include seasonality, underdeveloped infrastructure, political and epidemiological challenges, insufficient attention to the region's heritage, and high recreational demand. In conclusion, this study underscores the importance of the Azov coast's diverse natural resources for year-round tourism development. It emphasizes the need to address factors like shore protection, infrastructure development, and heritage promotion for sustainable tourism growth. These efforts can enhance the region's economic stability and reduce its reliance on the Black Sea area.


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