The Tourist Typology in Cultural Tourism in Turkey: Flâneur and Choraster

  • Lale Yılmaz Phd. Lec.



In this study, the existence and validity of the flâneurconcept in terms of cultural tourism is discussed. In addition to this concept, chorasteris the second concept to be considered in terms of the inclusion of increased tourist perception. W. Benjamin speaks of flâneurin his writings which are put together under the name of the Passages. The Flâneuris a ‘modern urban traveler’ with a brief description and it is defined as “thinker-traveler”. He/She has a routine and endless exploration of the streets and passages with the start of the modernize in Paris in the 19th century. The discovery of Flâneuris repeated every day, rediscovering the urban fabric and structures. The definition of tourist can be associated with the concept of flâneur. The tourist comes up with two content; the person who tries to know this city where he is a foreigner for a while and the second one is trying to get to know the city with his / her foreigner routes even though he lives. The concept of chorasterdefines the person who experiences the experience of tourism with the time and space dimension by establishing interest in the place. The origin of the word chorasteris deriving from chora, in Greek and it means rural place and/or outdoor. In the tourism area, the tourist described as chorasterindicates his/her the interest and activity about destination during the visit.

Cultural tourism has been a part of mass tourism in recent years. As well as in the world in Turkey, selective groups of tourists interested in the distinctly cultural tourism in terms of the conceptual area. The main aim of this study is intended to demonstrate the determination of the existence and development of the two concepts in cultural tourism of Turkey.

Through this study, the concepts of flâneurand chorasterwill be defined in terms of tourist groups of the participator of the cultural tourism in İstanbul, Turkey. It would be a contribution to the cultural tourism literature in a new light of conceptual content.

Keywords:Cultural tourism. Tourist.Turkey. Flâneur. Choraster.