Anomalies in Achatina fulica collected in the municipality of Valença, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

  • Evelyn Chicarino Durço UFJF
  • Tércia Vargas UFV
  • Elisabeth Cristina de Almeida Bessa UFJF
  • Lidiane Silva UFRRJ


This is the first report on the occurrence of anomalies found in Achatina fulica in the municipality of Valença, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. 200 specimens were collected, quantified for the presence of anomalies, measured and photographed. The animals showed anomalies in the cephalopodal mass, labial palps and tentacles. An anomalous shell was also found in this region. The causes of the deformities were not identified. To better understand them, additional studies on the on-site animal ecology, pathological analyses of the altered structures and molecular investigation are needed.

Biografia do Autor

Evelyn Chicarino Durço, UFJF
Museu de Malacologia Professor Maury Pinto de Oliveira-UFJF
Comunicação Científica