Atividade de forrageamento de Triportheus spp. (Characidae, Triportheinae) utilizada como ferramenta de amostragem da entomofauna, na área do reservatório de Manso, MT


  • André Beal Galina
  • Norma Segatti Hahn


Fishes are very good exploiter of the aquatic environment that have, sometimes, unavailable organisms to sampling gears. Considering that the fishes feed on the most abundant and available items, the purpose of this work was to verify the abundance and the seasonal variations of the
different insect taxons in the area of the Manso Reservoir, MT, through the diet of Triportheus nematurus (n=96) and Triportheus paranensis (n=190). We recorded 11 orders represented by adults and larval stages of aquatic and terrestrial insects, mainly of the orders Diptera, Hymenoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Isoptera. In despite of the small sample size, it was possible to verify a
high diversity of insects in the Manso Reservoir’s area and to highlight the importance of this group as food for the fish community.


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