Dinâmica da nutrição e alimentação natural de Steindachnerina notonota (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937) (Pisces, Curimatidae), Açude de Riacho da Cruz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

  • Janildes Leite de Amorim Teixeira
  • Hélio de Castro Bezerra Gurgel


The aim of this study was to evaluate some aspects regarding the feeding behavior of Steindachnerina notonota (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937) living in the dam of Riacho Cruz town, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil. For this, 822 animals were collected along the months of February, April, July and October 2000. The feeding activity was evaluated using the medium repletion index. The analysis of the feeding habits was based on the frequency of occurrence, the volumetric method and the importance food index for each item consumed. A feeding activity was continuous along the day, showing constancy during the study period. The feeding was higher during the dry season and a lunar effect was detected. Sediments, organic remains and algae were the most important items in the species diet. According to the food item consumed, the species was characterized as iliophagous.