v. 7 n. 2 (2001): Identidades e Política

Xichú de Indios: marginality and the cultural frontier en Sierra Gorda, Mexico


  • Marginality,
  • Acculturation,
  • Sincretism,
  • Ethnic identity,
  • Indigenous religiosity,
  • Cultural Area,
  • Franciscans
  • ...Mais

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Cisneros, Gerardo Lara. 2001. “Xichú De Indios: Marginality and the Cultural Frontier En Sierra Gorda, Mexico”. Locus: Revista De História 7 (2). https://periodicos.ufjf.br/index.php/locus/article/view/20541.


The Sierra Gorda, a region in north-central Mexico, was a marginal zone in New Spain between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. It was also a cultural frontier between agricultural and hunter-gatherer communities. One of its villages, Xichú de Indios, was a place where different situations and factors converged (for example, multiple ethnic groups in an area of weak ecclesiastical and governmental authority). These factors led to a process of acculturation which resulted in an indigenous Identity characterized by religious beliefs that were syncretic, rebellious and contentious.


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