Theoretical characterization of the LiSH potential energy surface


  • Ramon Sousa Silva Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora
  • Maikel Y. Ballester



DFT, Potential energy surface, Dipole moment, Oscillator strength, Radiative lifetime


Electronic structure calculations have been performed to characterize the potential energy surface of the LiSH. For such, molecular properties have been calculated using two different levels of theories: DFT/B3LYP and CASSCF. As results, the obtained equilibrium geometry at CAS(8,13)/VQZ level of theory is RLi-S = 4.0975 a0, RS-H = 2.5502 a0, and θ = 93.37°. The present vibrational harmonic frequencies are in good agreement with those previously reported in the literature. Our results show the overall endothermicity of the Li(²P) + SH(X²Π) → H(2S) + LiS(X²Π) to be about 0.508 eV without ZPE corrections at CAS(8,13)/VQZ. Besides, the role of the molecular singlet-triplet transitions, essential for the interpretation of the phosphorescence spectra, is discussed. Overall, the present findings reproduced well the experimental ones and, therefore, can be used as a benchmark for other theoretical and experimental studies.


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2022-09-19 — Updated on 2022-09-19