Schwinger Model as Prototype for Confined Fermions

  • Luis Almeida UFAC
  • Rodrigo Francisco dos Santos Universidade Federal Fluminense - UFF
Keywords: Confinement, Fermions, QCD, QED, Two-dimensional


We will present the Schwinger Model by characteristics like Mechanism of Higgs-Schwinger, Fermionic Charge Shielding, and Chiral Anomaly. Confinement and Topological Vacuum are prototype of theories with Confined Fermions. We will present some aspects of Bosonization and, for example, we will make a representation of the Free Field of Dirac with null mass. We will do a review of Schwinger's model with Lowestein-Swieca, and we will discuss the theory. We also will present modified models of Rothe-Stamatescu, Schroer and Thirring, demonstrating its equivalence with Sine-Gordon's theory.